FICA Compliance Policy (RMCP)  - For Attorneys

FICA Compliance Policy (RMCP) - For Attorneys

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We provide an easy to use base FICA (Financial Intelligence Centre Act) Risk Management and Compliance Policy. This enables you to easily comply with the Financial Intelligence Center rules requiring you to have such a policy.

Remember you need to make sure that the policy is used and adapted to how you do business. If you do not comply with what it says you do in practice you may face fines.

Ensure you edit all items in the policy as indicated and also ensure that all text in blocks is reviewed and edited.

It includes

  • RMCP Policy
  • Annexure 1A -Central Client List
  • Annexure 1B - Reporting Form
  • Annexure B - On-boarding Questions
  • Annexure C - Risk Martix
  • Annexure D - Due Diligence Checklist & Suspicious Activities
  • Annexure E - Enhanced Due Diligence 

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